Bishop Janie M. Carr, Pastor

Pastor Janie Carr, a born again spirit-filled believer, was born and raised in Red Springs, North Carolina to devout Christian parents, Elder Allen and Mother Inez Garner. At the age of 13, she gave her heart to God and she allowed Him to lead her and chart the very paths of her life. She began seeking God’s face by studying His word, praying and fasting. Her Christian growth continued during her membership at Townsend Chapel Bible Church of God in Red Springs, North Carolina and she served in various positions. By accepting Jesus as her Lord and Savior, her life has been one that is totally set apart for the service of God. 

Bishop Carr moved to Washington, D.C. and, in 1970 she married Bro. Allen Carr. In 1972, she was afflicted with arthritis of the spine. Not wanting to accept the doctor’s grim prognosis, she, along with other believers, began to fervently seek God and He healed her body. 

In 1973, God called Bishop Carr into the ministry to preach the Gospel. In 1975, Bishop Carr was ordained. God began to lead her into radio ministry. Through the radio ministry, she has fed many people from all walks of life, both spiritually and physically. She has crossed the continental globe to teach and preach the good news of Jesus Christ. 

Bishop Carr served in many capacities at her home church, Little Rock in Washington, D.C., under the auspices of Bishop C. B. Richardson and in various positions in First Pentecostal Churches of Deliverance where she now serves as the assistant overseer. God laid upon her the mantle of pastor and in July 1984 she founded Christian Outreach International Center of Deliverance. She also has recently founded the Outreach Economic Development Program. 

She walks in love and peace everywhere she goes. There is nothing she will not do for anyone in need. Truly, she is a pastor after God’s own heart. To know Bishop Janie Carr is to love her.